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Trees are an important part of the environment. Mature trees can absorb noise, enhance your property’s aesthetic appeal and create a calm atmosphere where you can relax in. Tree foliage helps remove toxic pollutants from the environment and filter dust. Landscape trees also serve as sunscreens and wind breaks. If the trees are properly placed around your house, you can save on your winter heating bills.

Trees also improve the value of your property by up to ten to twenty percent. When they become too large, however, they can pose a serious threat to your property and other people. Whether you need someone to remove the entire tree or just to provide some maintenance care, expect Marietta Tree Service to offer the expertise you need.

Types of Service


Pruning is important in maintaining the health of trees. Using the right pruning equipment, we can maintain your desired size and shape for your trees and prevent damage to your property. We can also help improve the trees’ foliage density and fertilization in order for them to get all the nutrition they need to grow.


Trees overgrow and when they do, they can be dangerous. Cutting overgrown branches is, thus, a must. This process should be done properly to prevent the trees from sustaining damage. Cutting overgrown branches requires specialized tools and skills, something that our team of experts has.

Pest and Disease Control

No tree is safe from all kinds of diseases and only several species are immune to pests. If you want to keep the trees in your yard healthy, taking proactive measures is a must to protect them from diseases and pests that could harm them. We use special equipment and eco-friendly substances to take care of your trees. You don’t need to worry about the whole process. Our team will do everything and all you need to do is to sit back and relax.


Tree removal is necessary when the trees die. Dead trees are not only an eyesore, but also pose dangers to your property, your family and other people. If done incorrectly, tree removal can cause serious accidents and injuries as well as damage to property. You don’t want this to happen. Call Marietta Tree Service for your tree removal needs. Dead trees will be carefully cut down and disposed of.

General Tree Care

General tree care helps promote healthy trees with good branches. Landscape trees have more room to grow up toward the sunlight. These trees can develop large branches, spread out as well as grow into broader trees than they would in their natural habitat. This difference should be balanced with pruning to reduce the growth of dangerous branches. General tree care is needed to maintain the health of trees. Trust Marietta Tree Service to provide the tree care service you need.

Trees that are well taken care of not only enhance the appeal of your yard and property, but also do their part in providing benefits to the environment. Call Marietta Tree Service to get a free quote today!


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